Film released!

Finally! We’ve finished and released our short film! Woohooo!!

It has been a great one year working with everyone, going through ups and downs, facing challenges and growing up together. Although we took more time than allowed and continued working on it even though everyone has started working, but at last we made it!


Production starts!

And this is how we roll! After 4 long and hectic months of pre-production, we’re ready to proceed to production, which is to create all our 3D characters and props, and get them ready for rigging, lighting and animation. That screams ‘no social life for the next 4 months’.

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Before we start doing a proper storyboard, we did some very rough thumbnails just to get the idea of the overall idea of the camera angles. And when I say rough, I mean really really rough and sketchy. It is okay if it’s not the best drawing in the world. You don’t want to waste too much time refining a drawing that you will most probably scrap out later on. You just want to get the rough idea first.

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Before we head into animating the characters, we created expression sheets for our characters in order to know what kind of facial expressions we want for them. We had a lot of fun exploring the different shapes of the faces and brows, pulling them as much as we can and giving each character a unique facial expression. This sheet then became a guide for the riggers and modelers when we went into 3D production so that they know how to create the blendshapes.

father expression

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Concept designs for Papa

During the first few weeks of pre-production after our idea is approved by our mentor, Mike, we immediately started designing our father. We wanted to make sure that our Papa looked big and clumsy but favourable. The character itself is inspired by Jack Black the famous comedian because we felt that our father would and should have his traits of being silly and innocently funny.


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Hi guys and girls and men and women and gentlemen and ladies. Thank you for dropping by our blog!

We’re really excited to announce the birth of our blog to share what we’ve done for our film so far, and also as a journal to keep track of all our progress and growth. Ten years from now we will look back to this blog and say “Ah this is our film.”

We’ll be posting up regular updates on our work, so we hope you will stay tuned to this space, or you can always go onto Facebook and like our page to follow our updates 🙂